Coco and Grace is a site for women who admire notable women!  We’ll explore several icons here to see which personality we identify with in order to discover more about ourselves.

From the modern sophistication of the iconic fashion figurehead, Coco Chanel to the  traditional glamour and allure of Princess Grace Kelly, we will take a look at style in many forms from fashion to family to friendships and we won’t stop there.

We hope Coco and Grace will serve as tool to examine cultural role models who have and will continue to influence women today who often look at these women as leaders who shared a certain style and sense of ease that others admire and often would like to emulate.

So where to begin?

First, imagine who you identify with the most. Coco or Grace?

Are you a career woman? Independent? Single?

Are you a wife? Mother? Married or in a committed partnership?

One, does not exclude the other! So maybe you’re a bit of both?

We’ll provide advice and tips for both the Coco’s and Grace’s of the world to help you become more of who YOU are!

In reality, you don’t need to be Coco or Grace. They were one of a kind women and so are YOU. But deep down, there’s probably a little bit of Coco and Grace in all of us. And most importantly, there’s a lot of power in simply being female.

But for the sake of exploration let’s look at these role models of strength, grace, beauty, sophistication and determination in order to examine ourselves a bit better.

So let’s start having fun! Ask yourself: Who do you identify with the most? Coco or Grace?

Answer this first and then write down the qualities you possess to make you associate with one more than the other.  (Later we’ll see how you can emulate both, but for now, just pick one!)

Until then, may you have the incredible fortitude of Coco and the soft, sophistication of Grace as we define our own sense of inner and outer beauty, strength and love.


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